Dr. Knott teaches undergraduate anthropology students in the field

Under the guidance of Dr. Knott, undergraduate anthropology students examine the skeleton of a recently deceased orangutan to better understand the individual’s life history.

Undergraduate-Level Courses

  • AN 102 Human Behavioral Biology and Evolution
  • AN 263 Behavioral Biology of Women
  • AN 335 The Ape Within: Apes and the Evolution of Human Behavior
  • AN 554 Human Reproductive Ecology
  • AN 558 Human Sex Differences
  • AN 595 Field and Laboratory Methods in Biological Anthropology
  • AN 597a Evolution of the Human Diet
  • AN 597a Evolution of the Human Family
  • WS 102 Introduction to Women Gender and Sexuality

Graduate-Level Courses

  • AN 735 Ape Within Graduate Seminar
  • AN 902 Behavioral Biology of Women Graduate Seminar

Graduate Students

Current PhD Students:

  • Caitlin O’Connell
  • Andrea DiGiorgio
  • Amy Scott
  • Jacob Negrey
  • Andrea Blackburn
  • Faye Harwell

Current Postdoctoral Students:

  • Erin Kane

Former PhD Students (Graduates):

  • Meg Crofoot (Postdoctoral fellow, Princeton University, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute)
  • Zarin Machanda (Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Tufts University)
  • Emily Barrett
  • Katarina Mucha
  • Sonya Kahlenberg (Lecturer, Bates College; Executive Director, Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education Center)
  • Melissa Emery Thompson (Research Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico; Postdoctoral Research Associate, Boston University)
  • Matthew McIntyre (Asst. Professor of Anthropology, Univ. of Central Florida)
  • Peter Gray (Asst. Professor of Anthropology & Ethnic Studies, Univ. of Nevada, Las Vegas)
  • Judith Flynn Chapman (Lecturer, Harvard University)

Past Postdoctoral Students:

  • Melissa Emery Thompson
  • Meredith Bastian
  • Gail Campbell-Smith